Baseball Eagles Bottari and Pimentel Commit to University of Miami

During the Upper-school Assembly of Wednesday, November 13, 2013, MVA’s Athletic Department held their annual Fall MVA Student Commitments Signing Ceremony where Montverde Academy formally recognized MVA students who’ve made commitments to play NCAA Division 1 college athletics 2014-2015. Among those signees were MVA seniors Nick Bottari and Keven Pimentel, natives of East Long Island’s Shoreham-Wading River, New York. These young men, childhood friends and current MVA Varsity Boys Baseball teammates, both signed to the University of Miami to play baseball next school year. In a recent interview with, Nick and Kevin explained why they chose the University of Miami and of their decision to apply to attend Montverde Academy.

Bottari and Pimentel discovered Montverde Academy last year while attending a regional baseball tournament being held in Jupiter, Florida. “We were in the area for Jupiter and we took a trip driving around looking for new schools that could prepare us for the next level of baseball competition – because I knew going to my local public school, for my senior year, wouldn’t prepare me for college – both in a baseball and academic sense – the way I personally needed to be prepared. So my family and I started looking and researching schools. We found Montverde Academy and it was just a perfect fit,” said Bottari, who feels very fortunate to be attending MVA. Both he and Pimentel enjoy the considerably warmer climate of Central Florida compared to Long Island, New York. Bottari is especially confident that the MVA Eagles Varsity Baseball team will be successful this season, and has created some admirable goals for himself as a Montverde Academy senior and freshman at Miami University next fall. After graduation, Bottari anticipates he’ll locate to Miami, Florida, early in the summer. “I plan on taking summer-classes to get ahead and become acclimated to my new surroundings – and to work out and use their facilities. Everybody’s goal as a freshman is to be a starter. My goals are to not only start as a freshman, but also set records and hopefully become the ACC Men’s Baseball Freshman Player of the Year.”

When asked about why he chose the Miami Hurricanes, Bottari said it was the good connection he felt with the University of Miami coaches saying, “I’m primarily a catcher who plays both first and third base As far as how I was recruited me, I was recruited as a hitter. But after talking with coaches, they all encouraged me to stay sharp behind the plate because they all knew that was my primary position. I was hurt last year, so I wasn’t able to catch – so I haven’t caught in some time – but I’m really looking forward to getting back to it because that’s where I feel most comfortable, I feel really in control back there.” Nick (Nick Bottari Prospect Video) looked at number of schools before committing to Miami University. “I took trips to look at a number of schools: North Carolina State, University of North Carolina, and Boston College. And Clemson. All ACC schools. I was going to take a trip to LSU. I had a strong connection with the school from what I had learned from my former hitting coach who had moved on to the big leagues – but he went to LSU, so we were getting very tight and talking a lot. He spoke very highly of LSU.”

MVA senior Keven Pimentel, also of East Long Island, New York, shares much of his life and baseball roots with Bottari (a main inspiration in his decision to apply to Montverde Academy as well). Keven is very pleased to have been accepted to Miami University as well and shared with, “Nick and I played together. We are brothers – family. I am very happy to be at Montverde Academy with Nick and to have been accepted by the Miami University.” Kindhearted and polite in his demeanor, Pimentel is fiercely focused on his goals and very aware of his abilities as a pitcher. “I was recruited as a pitcher, and seriously considered (other than Miami) North Carolina and LSU.” Pimentel, however, is leaning towards being somewhere other than Miami, Florida, next year. Keven (Keven Pimentel Pitching Prospect video) hopes to be drafted by Major League Baseball (MLB) next spring. “My goals for the summer, after a successful this spring for MVA and graduation, is to hopefully be drafted, and if not, make it to college. But the goal is to be drafted.”

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